A DITTY A DAY / Song the Twelfth

I’ve lost my voice from this damn cold that I’ve been successfully fighting.
(by successful I mean that it hasn’t turned into Bronchitis or Strep
or one of the many other illnesses it inevitably turns into, but not this time!)
Maybe it’s all that firewater that I’ve been taking
that *has* so successfully helped my body fight this cold.
All that cayenne must have melted my voice.

So I searched past PhotoBooth files to see whether there was
ANY song that I had ever recorded that I could post today,
to keep the streak of A DITTY A DAY going.

I found this clip!
It’s from 2009, when I was living in Seattle.
From what I can tell, I was testing the program’s ability to record.
I’m not sure why, because there weren’t any videos after this one.
Maybe I was just playing around.
Either way, I seem to be not very happy, or not very awake…
Or maybe I’m just indescribably bored.
Or maybe I doubt the program’s ability to record….

Ohhh… it makes me giggle.
Believe me, my voice today is worse than that.

WaBi SaBi BaBy!

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check out my YouTube channel:

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Corinne Fay Robinson Madeen is a Columbia, SC based Artsist, Costume Designer, Musician, & Wabi Sabi Warrior. You can contact her via email at corinnefayr@gmail.com.
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